Career Fair and Hiring Event Success Tips

Step by Step Guide for Success

  1. Plan ahead! Be sure to have your proper business attire ready to wear for the career fair.
  2. Review the list of employers attending the fair. You will be able to Research each company and the opportunities they are recruiting for and filter by skills, location, and CPT/OPT.
  3. Employers post jobs and internships in NUworks. Research these opportunities to see if your skills and experience match the qualifications they are seeking.
  4. Research employers’ websites to learn what the company does, where it does business, what its mission is, and something unique that interests you about the company. Be prepared to answer, “why do you want to work for this company”?
  5. Create a target list of employers. Identify employers interested in meeting international students in your major, and be prepared to discuss how your skills and experience match the skills and experience (job description) that the employer is looking for. If the jobs are not listed in NUworks, go to the employer website and look for the “Careers” section. If your skills and experience do NOT match well to the job description, this implies that you may not be the best candidate for that job opportunity. To be successful, focus your efforts on matching your skills and experience to the job description.
  6. Make a plan to speak with the employers on your target list. Stay up to date with NUworks, be sure to check it before attending the fair, and map out your strategy ahead of time.

Prepare a short (30 -60 seconds) “professional introduction” to share with employers when you meet them.

My name is ________ (your name), and I am a (senior, Masters student, sophomore) in ___________(field/major). I will graduate in___________. I am interested in the _____________(co-op? full time?) _______________ (position title) position at ____________ (company name). I have the _____________ skills and experience that the job posting describes. _________ (the company name) interests me because__________________.

ADD something about yourself that is positive and memorable:

My last employer said ________________. I am ___________________.