Co-op Dashboard for Students

The Co-op dashboard is a student’s landing space when accessing the Cooperative Education module of NUworks.

Here you will see basic information about your program (major), advisor, and your Co-op Sequence. Your co-op sequence is based on your Pattern of Attendance but is updated to reflect changes made throughout your matriculation.

From this space, students can submit an Intention for the current work term. You can indicate whether you will be searching for jobs, finding your own, or returning to a previous employer. Setting an intention gives an early indication to co-op coordinators of the support you will need in the upcoming job search cycle.

The Co-op Dashboard also includes shortcuts to Documents, Applications, (On Campus) Interviews, and Upcoming Events.

Coop Dashboard 1


The Search page is a student’s doorway to all current job postings available on NUworks.

Students have the ability to view and apply to all job postings where they meet the minimum GPA requirement and are in the correct class type (Undergraduate or Graduate).  Students can access the full complement of job offerings by clicking the ‘All Active Job Postings’ link in the Additional Quick Searches section.  Featured jobs are also available by a quick search shortcut.

For more targeted searching, the first in a series of quick searches highlights jobs offered to their current program.  Other highlighted shortcuts include jobs the student has applied to, a job where the student has set a priority, or job the student has previously viewed.

From this page, students can run keyword searching on job title, description, and location or begin an Advanced Search.

Student Search