Ways YOU can be an influencer:  

  1. If you find yourself having a casual conversation, be sure to know your own limits and expertise on the subject. Know that Northeastern learners have access to Career Design that can continue to help them with any of their career questions! 
  2. As you continue to have career-related conversations and want to get involved with Career Design in a more intentional way, we encourage you to think about participating in programs as a panelist or guest speaker with our office or even encourage your company to be involved with our Employer Engagement team for job postings, coffee chats, Talent Connect, career fairs, and more!
  3. Finally, if you are really interested in what Career Design has to offer, consider becoming part of our office! We encourage anyone to shadow to learn more about what we do, or even become a trained team member in our office! Learn more about our competitive Career Fellow program where you can be a dedicated intern, or if you want to spend a shorter amount of time with us on a weekly basis, consider volunteering through our renowned Career Mentor program.  

If interested, contact us and learn more about how you can be involved as an influencer!