Flexible Co-op Hiring During Unprecedented Times


As you navigate an unprecedented hiring landscape and react to the sudden transition to remote working, please know that it’s not too late to leverage Northeastern University’s signature co-op program as a viable talent acquisition resource.
The pandemic has created an opportunity to infuse greater flexibility into co-op – flexibility designed to give your organization more convenient ways to participate, including:

Northeastern is committed to remote co-op experiences if organizations choose this direction. The pandemic has taught us that remote co-op experiences can deliver real-world, comparative value.

In addition to typical 6-month co-op time frames, we’re now offering 3 and 4-month options designed to account for organizational needs and challenges around co-op start and end dates. These shorter opportunities should align with an academic term per Registrar guidelines. Please reach out to us or your co-op contact to learn more.

Part-time co-op allows students to work 16-31 hours per week during the course of a semester (summer, fall, or spring). Flexibility regarding wages and location can be discussed. The rotation would be 4 – 6 months dependent on the start date.

Onboarding Webinars 

Best Practices for Hosting Co-op Students Remotely (Webinar)

Sponsored by Khoury College of Computer Sciences Co-op Employer Engagement Team

Employer panelists will share tips for how to onboard, train remotely, and advice for keeping co-op students engaged and motivated in our new virtual world of work. Panelists represented include Bose, Veracode, VMWare, Chewy, HubSpot, and Blueport Commerce!



Greenhouse (hiring firm) 

Remote Onboarding Best Practices Information courtesy of Courtney Sabino and Ritsuko Someya, Morphic Therapeutic

Created to provide you with additional tips, strategies, and industry insights into hiring co-ops in what is now the ‘new normal. This site will also feature additional partnership opportunities for you to consider, including full-time hiringExperiential Network (XN) projects, capstones, research opportunities, and more.

Tips for Employer Working Remotely with Students


Tips for Remote Internships


If you’re uncertain whether you can provide a co-op experience now or in the future, we’re hopeful that these flexible options, along with a high level of assistance from our co-op community, will convince you that it can be done!

Despite the challenges created by COVID-19, Northeastern is ready, willing, and able to support your organization through these times, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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