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Thank you for contacting Northeastern University. We are here to support you in your recruiting efforts, and we value your employer partnership. In this document, you will find helpful information about our career portal NUcareers, available on-campus recruitment options, and a list of frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns; we look forward to partnering with you!


NUcareers is Northeastern University’s career management portal for sharing career, cooperative education (co-op), internship, and XN opportunities with current students at all levels, including PhDs as well as recent alumni.

How is NUcareers USED?

Northeastern students and alumni who have 0-4  years of work experience can use NUcareers to research and apply for internships, co-op, full-time, post-graduation, and project-based (XN) opportunities. 

 Employers use NUcareers to post/promote post-graduation and co-op jobs, review job applications, and manage their participation in career-related events sponsored by Northeastern.

Career & Co-op Staff use NUcareers to communicate with students, alumni, and employers to promote and manage career-related events sponsored by Northeastern.

 To log in to NUcareers, click HERE!

 The slideshow below will show you how to Create a NUcareers account, Post jobs/internships, and view your job/internship postings, & Schedule an On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) event.


How do I recruit on-campus? 

You either submit a form via your NUcareers Dashboard. If you have any questions, please give our office a call at (617)373-6548. We would love to speak with you about all of the available options. 

 Do you have Best Practices Guidelines? 

Yes, we do! Please find our Best Practices Guidelines HERE

 What are my OCI options?

There are two OCI options, Fully Managed and Employer Managed. The Fully Managed option is completely managed via NUCareers by our staff. The Employer Managed option gives the employer some flexibility with dates for the application deadline and when your preselects (selected candidates) are due as well as interview scheduling. Click HERE for more details about our OCI options. 

 How is the typical OCI structured? 

A typical interview schedule is comprised of twelve 30-minute interview time blocks. The schedule spans from 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. with two 15-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break from 12:15–1:15 p.m. Customization can be made upon request. 

 What interview time blocks are offered? 

The typical interview duration is 30 minutes. However, we can accommodate 45, 60, or 90 minutes time blocks.

 When should our job/internship description(s) be posted? 

If the OCI is Fully Managed by our office, employers will need to post their job/internship description(s) no later than 4 weeks prior to OCI.

 What types of application documents can be requested/required? 

Employers typically require a resume and cover letter to apply. Occasionally, they may also request an unofficial transcript, writing sample, or other documents such as references or art samples. Please indicate additional requirements when posting your job description(s). 

 When do I need to choose my candidates?

If the employer has a Fully Managed OCI schedule, they will be notified of their preselects due date by the Employer Engagement office. 

 How can I view the resume packet(s) on screen? 

Employers can find the resume packet(s) by selecting the “All Job Postings” tab on their NUcareers Dashboards then click the “view” button next to the job in question. Once on the job window, select the “Applications” tab.

 Can I set up a resume drop?

We can set up a resume drop for you via NUcareers. We will create a placeholder position for you called “Your Company Name-Resume Book” and link it to your upcoming event. You can either receive the resumes as they come in or as a bundle on your preferred release date.

 When can I view and print the final interview schedule? 

You can view your interview schedule by selecting the “On-Campus Interviews” tab on your Dashboard. The interview schedule will close one day prior to the interview date. You may print your interview schedule after that time. Please arrive at Stearns Center with the physical copies of your schedule and candidates’ resumes. If you are unable to, please let us know by calling (617)373-6548, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

 Can I conduct interviews virtually with candidates? 

Yes, you can. If you are unable to conduct on-campus interviews, we can provide your candidates with a Skype-enabled laptop to meet with you virtually. Employers should make arrangements with us one to two weeks prior to the scheduled interview date. We also facilitate Skype interviews for candidates who are unable to interview with you while you are on-campus due to study abroad or other commitments.

 What career management system do you use? 

We use Orbis Communications and have branded our site NUcareers, to manage the on-campus recruiting program in addition to full-time job/internship postings.



For all postings:

 Northeastern University posts positions that provide opportunities for work experience in a wide array of industries and fields that may be of interest to Northeastern students.  The university does not post jobs that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, disabled or Vietnam Era veteran status, sexual orientation, disability or gender.  

 For co-op and internship postings:

 Job postings do not indicate endorsement by the university.  Some jobs that are posted, such as those in high-risk countries, may require special approvals or a waiver under the university’s Policy on International Travel.  Some jobs present other risks that students must weigh in their consideration whether the position is right for them.  

 The university may post co-op and internship positions in the cannabis industry in those states that have legalized medical and/or recreational use of cannabis.  In considering any such position, students should be aware that while some states have passed laws permitting cannabis sale and use, it remains a controlled substance under federal criminal law, and the possession, use and/or sale of marijuana may be prosecuted by federal law enforcement.  Work in the cannabis industry will likely affect U.S. immigration status and future immigration benefit applications in the U.S., and accordingly non-US citizens are strongly advised not to pursue these positions.  Such positions can also affect eligibility for federal student loans.  Finally, students are reminded that use of marijuana and marijuana products is prohibited under the Student Code of Conduct.  Students pursuing co-ops or internships in the cannabis industry do so at their own risk.


Additional websites for posting jobs at Northeastern

Additional websites for posting jobs at Northeastern