On-Campus Recruiting

Northeastern’s on-campus recruiting options provide ideal ways to build and maintain your brand on our campus.

COVID-19 STATUS: At this time, Northeastern is not holding on-campus events. We do offer several virtual event options that employers can utilize to continue recruitment and branding efforts. Please review the information below for more details on recruitment opportunities.

Full-Time and Internship Recruiting and Hiring
Northeastern University’s Employer Engagement and Career Design staff are here to assist you in engaging with students, expanding your talent pipeline, and identifying candidates to meet your hiring needs. Over 50% of our graduating students receive full-time job offers from their co-op employer, but many companies recruit and hire graduating students directly into a full-time role, post-graduation. The hiring process occurs year-round, but primarily during the fall and spring semesters.


Employers, your feedback is very important to us. Please consider taking a few minutes to let us know why you choose to recruit at Northeastern! 

Recruiting Survey

Full-time career opportunities/internships On-Campus Interviewing

Interview space

On-Campus Interview (OCI) space is available on the 2nd floor of Stearns Center (GPS address: 420 Huntington Ave, Boston MA or Building #37 on our campus map) weekdays from 8:30 am – 5 pm. Recruiting space is unavailable on holidays, or during reading period and final exams (academic calendar). Employers may arrive by 8:30 am to prepare for their day.

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

There are two OCI options, Fully Managed and Employer Managed. The Fully Managed option is completely managed via NUcareers. The Employer Managed option gives the employer some flexibility with dates for the application deadline and preselects deadline, and with scheduling. Details on OCIs can be found in a chart below.

  1. Fully Managed: The entire interview process managed via NUcareers.
  2. Employer managed: For employers who want more timing and scheduling flexibility, the process is managed via NUcareers up until applications are delivered to the employer. The employer then manages the notification of candidates and scheduling interviews.

On-Campus Interview Process


OCI Management


Fully ManagedEmployer Managed
Interview room reservationsEmployer requests room reservation via NUcareers on the On-Campus Interview request form for Stearns Center space; confirmed by staffEmployer requests reservation via NUcareers on the On-Campus Interview request form for Stearns Center space; confirmed by staff
Job postingOnce registered and approved, employer posts job on NUcareers 4 weeks before OCI dateOnce registered and approved, employer posts job on NUcareers; the employer may choose when to post job
Job application deadlineAutomatically set via NUcareers at 2 weeks before OCI dateThe employer chooses their application deadline date
Application delivery methodEmployer inputs choice for applications delivery via NUcareers either: as received (recommended) or at OCI deadlineEmployer inputs choice for applications delivery via NUcareers either: as received (recommended) or at OCI deadline
Preselects & notification to candidatesEmployer inputs pre-selects into NUcareers 1 week before OCI date; candidates are auto-emailed via NUcareers to select an interview


The employer uses their own method to notify candidates and manage own interview schedule
Interview scheduleThe schedule is closed 1 day before OCI; schedule options are 30, 45, & 60 minutes; no tandem or flipped;

no alternates

Employer sets own schedule and manages any changes


Prior to and day of OCIAn employer may view the schedule online and, on the day of OCI, printed schedule and resumes will be presented to the employer by NU


Employer brings own schedule and resume copies; gives a copy to NU staff

Both OCI options require employers to register on NUcareers. Once approved as a NUCareers employer, employers can complete the On-Campus Interview request form found on the NUcareers dashboard. When completing the form, please:

  • Choose either Fully Managed or Employer Managed
  • Input a 1st and 2nd choice for OCI dates
  • Input preferred time (start at or after 9 am & end by 5 pm)
  • Input date you will post job onto NUcareers (approx. 4 weeks before OCI date)


Once an On-Campus Interview form is approved by ER staff, an automatic email will be sent to the employer with detailed information on the OCR.

Your open positions (when they are linked to the OCI) will be promoted to the Northeastern student population and candidates will apply via NUcareers.

Applications will be delivered via NUcareers based on your choice – either as they are received (the recommended method) or in a bundle at the end of the application deadline day.

Posting a Job or Internship

Fully Managed and Employer Managed OCI schedules require that jobs be posted in NUcareers. When posting your positions on NUcareers, remember to:

  • Input which Colleges you are recruiting from, the period of employment as Post-Graduate, and student level as undergraduates, and/or masters, and/or
  • Input that you wish to set up an on-campus interview and input the campus interview date as the same as the OCI
  • Input Application Delivery method as via NUcareers and select delivery method (as applications are received – recommended option -or once the application deadline passes) and input email address or URL where you wish applications sent!
  • Note in the job description if you are open to hiring students under Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). Please note this is not the same as sponsoring a student. With OPT/CPT, there is no burden on the employer.

How Do I Recruit On Campus

To participate or learn more about recruiting and other engagement options, contact Employer Engagement at  617-373-3404. 


We are in the process of scheduling our Fall 2020 Career Fair and our February 2021 Career Fair. Please check back here for more information beginning on June 1, 2020.

Our career fairs allow you to connect with undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni who are exploring co-op, internships, or full-time opportunities.


Northeastern’s Office of Employer Engagement and Career Design provides employers with many opportunities to get in front of students to educate them about your organization, academic programs, industry trends, employment opportunities, and hiring practices. Participation in our employer programs (Connection Sessions, Coffee Chats, On-Campus Interviews, and Employer in Residence), aside from our career fairs are free and can be scheduled through NUcareers anytime during the year.

Not sure of which event will yield the best results?  Call 617-373-3404 or send an email to Sumana Northover on the Employer Engagement and Career Design team to discuss. Sumana will help you create your custom on-campus recruiting strategy. We welcome you to share your ideas and feedback with us too!

Employer Coffee Chat

If this is your first time on campus, we recommend you consider a coffee chat. This informal drop-in style type of event is popular with our students. We typically arrange a high traffic area, typically in our student center. You are provided with a 6ft table for setup, and we will bring a kiosk for checking students in. In terms of your table/area, we encourage you to bring your organizational brand in order to fill the space. Some recommendations include swag for giveaways, branded linen, marketing collateral, product displays, and/or treats.  Post-event, we will email your representative(s) an attendance list, complete with resumes if desired. Coffee chats can be scheduled at any time throughout the day. We recommend a 2-3 hour time slot. There is no fee for a coffee chat.

Employer Connection Session

As a hybrid networking/recruiting event, these more formal TED-style talks or small group discussions are popular with our students as it is a way to engage with employers as fellow educators. Employers who have established a brand on our campus benefit from hosting a connection session as students are already familiar with their organization and maybe curious about industry trends/professional development or are interested in listening to top-level executives from the company speak. Topics that students are unable to look up online with relation to the organization are always recommended, as this may promote increased attendance. Session times are scheduled after classes at 6:00 pm, although some afternoon times are also available as well as full-day sessions. Post-event, we will email your representative(s) an attendance list, complete with resumes if desired. There is no fee for a connection session.

Employer In Residence

These types of events are great for 1:1 student consultations or small group (3 students) sessions. You are not required to be actively recruiting for a specific position that has been posted on NUcareers to schedule an EIR. We will provide you with an interview suite here in the Stearns Center for a pre-scheduled time between 8:30 am-5 pm. In the past, employers have had success using this time to help students prepare competitive application materials, conduct informational interviews, or mentor students on career pathways and industry trends. Time commitments can be tailored to maximize the benefits to students and employers. Your involvement can be anywhere between 2 hours on 1 day or for 3 consecutive months to a full day every week of the school year. There is no fee for an EIR.

Virtual Events

Unable to come to campus but still want to build your brand and engage our students? Consider one of our virtual options!

Virtual Coffee Chats, Connection Sessions, and Employer in Residence

Our primary campus events can all be recreated virtually. We provide a unique Microsoft Teams link for your event and promote it directly to students. Give a presentation, answer questions, and connect face-to-face with students from anywhere. We’ll provide a list of attendees after each event.

Employer Social Media Takeover @CareerCoachNU 

If you are coming to campus to participate in a recruiting event, hosting your own event or just want to get the word out on campus about your company, culture, and available opportunities, this is a great virtual solution. Through an SM takeover of our Northeastern Twitter account, companies are able to create a buzz about an upcoming visit along with giving students an inside look within their organizations by posting alum/employee stories, live content videos and pics, share blog posts and promote jobs. At the end of the takeover, we can provide you with stats on student and alum engagement with your campaign to help you measure its success. For more information on a Twitter Takeover @ Northeastern, click here.

Requesting OCI, Connection Session, Coffee Chat or EIR Instructions

Northeastern University has developed the following guidelines to promote an equitable and fair recruiting experience on behalf of our employers as well as our students. It is our expectation that employers who participate in on-campus recruiting become familiar with the following policies as well as reference these policies throughout the year. If any of the following expectations conflict with the internal company hiring procedures, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 617-373-3404.  

  1. Adherence to National and State Guidelines

Participating companies are expected to read and adhere to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice, the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Recruitment and Employment Guidelines, and the laws established by the federal government and the state of Massachusetts. These guidelines are a reflection of these national standards.

  1. Confidentiality

Participating companies are expected to maintain the confidentiality of all student and alumni information. Sharing information about a candidate with another organization is not acceptable unless the company receives prior written consent from the candidate.

  1. Testing and Assessment

All tests and/or assessments used as part of the hiring process must be a valid measure of employability and must be compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) standards, and testing procedures must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Companies should provide testing information to students at least two full business days in advance.  The information should include but is not limited to

  • The type of test.
  • The purpose of the test.
  • To whom the test results will be disclosed.

Information on testing practices should be shared with our office. We encourage all testing information to be added to the job descriptions as early as possible.

  1. Scheduling of Tests, Interviews, and Events

We expect every employer to take into consideration a student’s class schedule. Students should not be expected to miss classes for tests, interviews, or employer-sponsored recruiting events. Please note that we require 72 hours notice to cancel a previously scheduled interview or an on-campus event. If for some reason, an employer is unable to attend a scheduled on-campus interview session, we expect that they will contact students directly to reschedule, as well as letting our office know of the cancellation.

  1. Reporting New Hire Data

When requested by Employer Engagement and Career Design staff, participating companies will supply information regarding students who have been hired to fill full-time, internship, or other related positions. The requested information may include but is not limited to the student’s name, her title and division or unit within the organization, the geographic location of the position, the employment start date, and the compensation.

  1. Discrimination

Employer Engagement and Career Design will not tolerate illegal discrimination in any form. Any acts of such discrimination by representatives will be reported to the hiring company or organization.

  1. Job and Internship Offers

Reasonable efforts should be made on the part of employers to allow students adequate time for evaluating internship and full-time job opportunities. Likewise, students are also coached by Employer Engagement and Career Design on the importance of evaluating their offers carefully and promptly, and declining additional recruiting opportunities in the form of interviews, applications, and offers once they have accepted an initial offer.

  1. Exploding Offers

Participating companies should not pressure students into accepting so-called exploding offers. Employer Engagement and Career Design defines exploding offers as those that require a student to reply within an unusually short period of time (example: one day), has a special incentive for early acceptance, or any practices that improperly influences and affects job offer acceptances. We encourage all employers to present students with a reasonable amount of time in which they are able to assess and accept offers. We also recommend that employers consider extending offer timelines when necessary as well as keep an open line of communication with students throughout the entire offer/acceptance process.

  1. Special Guidelines For Third-Party Recruiters

Employment agencies and search firms may list openings on NUcareers as long as they clearly identify themselves as third-party recruiters in their employer profile, as well as in their job descriptions. It must also be made clear that the organization does not charge students fees of any kind for utilizing their service. Please note, although third-party recruiters and search agencies/firms may post employment opportunities, they may not recruit on campus. When conducting on-campus interviews, only direct representatives or recruiters of an employer may interview Northeastern students.

All third-party employment agencies and search firms must:

  • Provide information on the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer. The agency must permit Employer Engagement and Career Design to verify this information by contacting the company being represented. If Employer Engagement and Career Design has an existing relationship with the client, we will inform the third-party agency and decline to post the position.
  • Provide position descriptions for valid openings.
  • Agree to release candidate information only with the written permission of the employment candidate, and only to the identified employer.
  • Represent and follow all federal and state employment laws.

Please note that Employer Engagement and Career Design reserves the right to evaluate exceptions to this policy based on industry-specific trends, research, and expert consultation. Contact our office if you have questions about this policy.

  1. Consequences for Recruiting Policy Violations

Employer Engagement and Career Design will evaluate recruiting policy violations by employers on a case by case basis. Consequences of a violation may include:

  • Loss of access to Northeastern’s career management platform, NUcareers.
  • Loss of on-campus recruitment privileges such as hosting events and conducting interviews.
  • Flagging and communication of severe violations on NUcareers. This flag may impact the company’s ability to recruit career development as well as for co-op opportunities.

Employer Engagement and Career Design reserves the right to refuse service to participating companies for violations of these policies, as well as reasons including but not limited to:

  • Failure to comply with the national and state guidelines listed above.
  • Misrepresentation of employer information.
  • Complaints by students and alumni.
  • Harassment of Northeastern students, alumni, staff or faculty.

Thank you for your interest in visiting us! We would love to sit down with you and discuss ways in which we can help with your training and development, corporate education or talent acquisition goals. For that reason, appointments are always preferred for employer visits, so that your meeting time on campus with us is as productive as possible. That said if you are dropping off company marketing collateral or looking for more information on who best to speak to, please feel free to come to the 2nd floor of the Stearns Co-op Center, and we’d be happy to help.

The Office of Employer Engagement and Career Design adheres to the University’s policy for closing due to Winter Storms. In the case of inclement weather, if the University decides to close, our office will also close and any recruiting events/activities scheduled for that day will be either canceled or postponed to a later date. We will notify all participating students accordingly.

For larger scale signature events, we will communicate alternate dates (rain/snow dates) prior to scheduling. However, for unexpected University closings that are decided the day prior or the day of, we will reach out to your organization as soon as we receive notification to let you know that the campus is closed. In these instances, please do not attempt to come to campus.

To proactively check for closings and delays at Northeastern University use the following methods:

  • Emergency/Weather closing at (617) 373-2000
  • University Website