Post an Opportunity on NUcareers

NUcareers is a database that houses full-time career opportunities and internship positions for undergraduate and graduate students (with the exception of Law and MBA students), as well as an alumnus who graduated up to 4 years ago. Postings are free of charge.

  • NUcareers is a database designed for employers to post full-time jobs and part-time or full-time internships, and manage their on-campus recruiting.
  • Choose how to receive job and internship applications: retrieve by logging into NUcareers, have applications emailed to you individually as submitted, or bundled into a single email after the application deadline.
  • Submit a form via NUcareers to request On Campus Interviews (OCI), Info Sessions or Employer in Residence (EIR). See Instructions here. You can then manage your on-campus recruiting for your full-time career opportunities or internships. See the Guidelines for On Campus Recruiting & NUcareers for more information. Or Contact us.
  • If you wish to post a job for alumnus with more than 4 years of work experience, email

Step by step instructions

You can post a new job from the dashboard, you Career job postings page, your co-op job posting page.

In all cases, begin by clicking ‘Post a Job’ button. If you are starting from your dashboard, you will have to select either career or co-op.

The new job posting form will prompt you to complete details about the job. All fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

Employer Posting a job

The targeted Degrees and Disciplines fields allows you to set your preferences for applicant’s majors. There are two lists in this section. The first list is a short list of ‘Clusters’ or groups of majors. Most of the time, you can work exclusively with this first list. Select one or more major clusters to offer the job to. Click the ‘Add’ button to apply your selection.

Employer cluster NUcareers screenshot

Your selected cluster will be added to the job postings. Additionally, all the majors that make up that cluster will be added to the job. In the example below, selecting the ‘Architecture’ cluster, targets your posting to students with a major of ‘Architecture’, ‘Architecture Studies’, and ‘Landscape Architecture’.

NUcareers screenshot selecting multiple majors

If you would like, you can refine the targeting at the major level by editing the second series of boxes, however, editing at the cluster level provides you with a streamlined menu of choices. All of you selections will be reviewed by a Northeastern co-op coordinator prior to approval.

Next, you may wish to specify the application documents that you would like to receive. Each students’ application requires a resume, but you may wish to enforce the collection of cover letters, references or work samples as well.

NUcareers screenshot selecting multiple majors

Full-Time Recruiting and Hiring

Northeastern University’s Career Development staff are here to assist you in engaging with students, expanding your talent pipeline, and identifying candidates to meet your hiring needs. Over 50% of our graduating students receive full-time job offers from their co-op employer, but many companies recruit and hire graduating students directly into a full-time role, post-graduation. The hiring process occurs year round, but primarily during the Fall and Spring semester, and varies by the employer but can include:

  • Register as an employer partner on Northeastern University’s database, NUcareers, a primary source for identifying career-related activities and job postings by our current students (undergraduate, graduate, and PhDs) and alumnus (up to 4 years post-graduation).
  • Promote your organization’s brand and identify potential candidates via engagement participation (panels, workshops, tabling, Tech Talks, Case Studies, networking events). We welcome your ideas on how to best connect your organization with our students.
  • Participation in recruiting events (On-Campus Interviews, Employer in Residence, and Information Sessions or Career Fairs).
  • Post current job openings (free of charge), with job postings and applications managed through NUcareers, or via your organization’s portal.
  • Conduct interviews on campus here in Stearns Center (via NUcareersRequesting OCI, Info Session, or EIR Instructions), virtually, or at your organization’s location.

Please go to Guidelines for On-Campus Recruiting & NUcareers to assist you in planning for your full-time hiring.

For further information contact us at or call 617-373-6548.

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