Flexible Co-op Hiring During Unprecedented Times – Testimonials

Wayfair is proud of our strong tradition of providing a high-quality experiential learning experience through the co-op program. Our co-ops become part of our community for six months, and we place significant value in their contributions and impact to Wayfair. As the COVID-19 crisis intensified this spring, we committed to bringing on our June class of 100+ co-ops in a virtual capacity. During an unprecedented time that came with evolving limitations and challenges, we were willing to take a flexible approach that allowed us to support the majority of our co-ops to an on-time start date. Throughout, we prioritized setting clear expectations through frequent communication to co-ops, managers, and our university partners. We were excited to welcome our current cohort in late June, and look forward to continuing our commitment to our co-op program as we emerge from our current circumstances.
  • Sarah Hadjian, Elisabeth Mox, Megan Williams, Wayfair (Boston, MA)

“The continued success of our co-op program hinged on continuous touchpoints and learning opportunities. We held weekly blocks with our co-op cohort – every other week holding relevant content-based sessions (Interviewing, career planning, LinkedIn/resume workshops, etc.) and every other week holding more informal, optional open forums. This allowed us to continue to stay in touch with our co-ops and ensure they were having a meaningful, high-touch experience.”

  • Kate Griffin, Indigo Ag (Boston, MA)

“HubSpot prides itself on treating our co-ops just like any other employee, and the remote flexibility aspect has proved no different. Our co-ops feel trusted to do great work and have the ability to work their schedule and calendar in a way that works best for them and their individual teams, which we think ultimately allows them to maximize the quality of their results! It’s also a great learning opportunity for students about prioritizing, communication, and autonomy.”

  • Katelyn Kearns, HubSpot (Cambridge, MA)

“Our co-op is a very close part of our team and an integral part of the production of our social media marketing materials, so the transition has been relatively easy and her contributions just as necessary as before. We keep in conversation using Skype for Business and regular teamwide check-ins via WebEx, as well as JIRA for project management. Our co-op has taken the challenge in stride, and we’re thrilled to have made this experiment work. Her replacement will start in early July (their onboarding will be 100% virtual); we anticipate at least half of their co-op tenure will be WFH.”

  • Ben Timmins, Abt Associates (Cambridge, MA)

Remote Onboarding Best Practices 

Remote Onboarding Best Practices Information courtesy of Courtney Sabino and Ritsuko Someya, Morphic Therapeutic

“Although I miss working with my teams face-to-face, we’re able to connect at a moment’s notice, and we keep in touch every day. I am motivated by knowing that we will learn and grow from this situation.”
Sully Barrett, Media, and Screen Studies major, on co-op at CNBC

“The biggest fear I had before working remotely was the lack of communication that might occur during this time. I can no longer walk directly to my coworker’s desk and surely I have a lot to ask. This fear did not come true. The two daily meetings we have are making the communication between teammates a lot better and smoother, and even the responses you get are faster because we all understand it takes more effort now to make our project better.”
Sebastian Yan, Architecture major, on co-op at Handel Architects

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