Why a Global Co-op


Northeastern offers a multitude of international opportunities, so why do a global co-op you ask..?

Living and working abroad will not only expand your academic skill set; global co-op students broaden their perspectives both culturally and globally.  To push your comfort zone and embrace new, foreign work environments will not only add polish to your professional portfolio, but you will diversify your network for years to come.  In sum, doing a global co-op allows students to reap career-growth benefits tenfold while building unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.


8 reasons you should do a global Co-op:

  • Expand Career network
  • Cultural immersion
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Global perspective
  • Diversified career portfolio
  • Personal growth
  • New friendships
  • Professional experience

Coolest Co-op Video in Bali

 In this video you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from a student about his experience with Co-op in Bali.

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