XN Rising Project Showcase

Students across several courses and colleges and semesters were offered an enhanced applied project setting in which to apply their curricular learning. Working with a partner sponsor, students refined an applied research topic, performed research, developed recommendations that are shared with the partner sponsor, and created a plan for implementing their recommendations. The curriculum supported students as they developed key business communication skills, project and client management skills, and frameworks for business analysis. Students learned from sponsor feedback, reviewed lessons learned, and incorporated suggestions to improve and further hone their career development and professional plan.

Students were also given access to career development opportunities through skill-building workshops such as resume development and interview preparation. Student-sponsor interactions, including this culminating project presentation and virtual poster session, allow partner sponsors to assess student potential for co-op, internship, or other employment opportunities based on the executed work displayed here and adjoining student resumes. Please reach out to students directly for further networking and interview opportunities.

Thank you for your participation, partner sponsors, and students!

Team Members

Andrew Boylan Resume

Juan Ceruli

Thai Khanh Huynh Resume

Tzu-Yu (Jamie) Huang

Yutong He Resume

Team Members

Neil Bui (Student Project Manager)

Paramveer Singh Sethi (Student Content Writing Lead)Resume

Damian Lee (Student Content Writer)

Team Members

 Anirudh Ramesh Srivatsa Resume

Team Members

Aayushi Gupta Resume

Sofya Dallakyan Resume

Srinidhi I Karicharla Resume

Chitranshi Jain Resume

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