Career Design

Career Design is both a process of lifelong learning and an office at Northeastern that provides the tools, resources, and strategies you will need on your journey.

Coaching Labs on all five aspects of career design.

Career Design Canvas

  • Register to check out our modules on all career topics for 24/7 self-paced instruction.

Career Studio  

Visit us in the Career Studio for one-on-one career conversations with our Career Design staff. Career Studio Drop-In hours are first come, first serve. Be sure to check our Career Studio page for altered scheduling information.

  • Campus Career Studio Drop-In Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays 1-3PM, Stearns Center
  • Virtual Career Studio Drop-In Hours: Mondays 3-5PM and Tuesdays 3-7PM, NUworks
    • Starting on May 6th, students will be required to sign in to Virtual Career Studio through NUworks. For a tutorial on how to use NUworks to access the Virtual Career Studio on mobile and desktop, click here.
  • Specialty Drop-In Hours: Check out NUworks for more information!
    • Pre-Law: Tuesdays 3-4pm, Virtual
    • Preparing for Graduate School: Please use our Career Studio drop-in hours

Advising and Coaching Appointments

  • Once you’ve taken advantage of our coaching labs, modules, and drop-in Career Studio to meet your initial needs, individual consultations for in-depth questions and conversations are available for currently enrolled students and alumni.
  • Pre-Law Students: You can find more information about programs and resources here.
  • Doctoral Students: You can find more information about programs and resources here.
  • To schedule in-person, phone, or virtual appointments, call the front desk at 617-373-2430 or email [email protected]

(NOTE:  Students in MBA and Master’s programs in Business are served by the MBA Career Center in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business.)

Additional Resources

  • Visit the Employer Engagement and Career Design website for our FAQ’s on commonly asked questions, as well as for helpful resources on drafting your resume using Big Interview Resume AI, practice for an interview with Big Interview, learn Tips for working remotely, and explore our career guides to see how different fields of study can lead to a variety of occupations.
  • Watch our Career Design Video to learn about our resources, see student testimonials, and more!
  • For experiential opportunities, check out:
    • Forage, a free and open-access library of employer-designed job simulations which replicate the sort of work you would undertake as an intern or graduate.
    • Paragon One, for remote externship opportunities with leading brands to work on real problems and network with professionals — all from the comfort of your own home.  Please note: International students should contact OGS to learn whether you are eligible to participate prior to applying for and engaging in any experiential opportunity.
    • Localized, a new provider that links candidates with employers, thought leaders, and mentors in specific – and expanding – areas of the world through specialized programs and job opportunities.
  • Sign into NUworks for posted internship and employment opportunities, as well as other career resources and co-op opportunities.
  • To connect to Northeastern alumni, join NUsource and Northeastern LinkedIn groups.
  • Read the Career Design weekly “Husky Careers Blast” for the latest updates and check out our previous newsletters here.