Why Northeastern Co-op?

Our goal: To maximize your access to qualified individuals for co-op positions through a streamlined, efficient, and productive process.

Features and tools

  • Immediate access to applicants meeting your eligibility criteria, regardless of their academic program.
  • Sorting and filtering that quickly refine your preferred list of candidates based on credentials, personal attributes, abilities and experiences.
  • A searchable resume database to expand your potential candidate pool.
  • A rank/offer process option that maximizes opportunities for employer/student interaction and includes an automated system to extend offers to students with a 48-hour student response timeline and cycling to backup candidates if your first choice does not accept.

*Online training and we have added 24/7 Northeastern University Help Desk support – available by phone at 373.4357 or at [email protected] – to assist you with any technical or access concerns.

What you can continue to rely on

  • A university partner that is committed to your recruiting success.
  • A staff of highly experienced and competent co-op professionals to assist your efforts every step of the way.