What is XN Rising?

XN Rising is a new summer program at Northeastern University, giving you the opportunity to connect with rising professionals in your domains to solve real-world problems for your business and test drive the next wave of talent, connecting with these current students on a pathway to potential future co-op opportunities.

XN Rising is an eight-week, all-virtual experience where Northeastern graduate and undergraduate learners from in-demand domains such as data science, business, arts, media and design, life sciences, and more, work in teams with companies like your own to solve discrete business challenges, engage with industry professionals, familiarize themselves with your company, interview for future co-op opportunities, and thereby build professional relationships that can begin or advance careers.

How Does it Work?

We partner companies with a team of students from Northeastern University to solve a discrete business problem proposed by your company. You’ll spend 1-2 hours per week guiding the students through the project, reviewing work, and providing feedback. The students will dedicate 5-6 hours per week as a team to solving the business problem. Students spend a total of about 40 hours over the course of the program solving your business challenge and learning about your industry.

How Do You Get Involved?

Your company can propose a project and work with students, and we can help you with that by guiding the scope of your work so that it meets your needs and benefits the skills of our learners. You can also participate as an industry panelist or mentor a team of students in your domain as they complete a project.

Contact us at [email protected]

XN Rising Summer 2021 Project Showcase

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