Art & Entrepreneurship: How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

Mar 2 • 9:25 am - 9:25 am

Are you a creative person looking to use your talents to influence the corporate world? Are you someone who likes to come up with unique ideas, work with their hands or maybe just thinks differently? Sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to connect your passion or hobby with your full-time job.


In this session, Aid Murad talks about how she tied her skills in the business world with her passion and interests in the creative industry. She’ll dive into details about how she turned her hobby into a full-time business, about the challenges that come from creating art for fun and doing so for income and the advice she wishes someone had given her when she was starting out. 


Discover more about Aida Murad, the self-taught Arab-American entrepreneur based in NYC. Learn about her mission to help people feel seen, heard and loved through art, and why it matters.


??This is a LIVE session which means you’ll have the unique chance to ask questions and get answers directly from Aida. 

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Mar 2, 2022 | 9:25 AM

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