Ask a recruiter from the Fusion team at UnitedHealth Group

Feb 17 • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Fusion Co-op Visual Designer Role Summary
Are you interested in mastering your design craft? How about visually articulating complex ideas in simple and beautiful ways? If so, you came to the right place. The Fusion team is looking for a Visual Designer with the dedication and passion of an athlete.
As a Visual Designer on our team, you’ll be involved in the design process and expected to offer creative solutions early in the planning stages of projects. You are an integrated part of our multi-disciplinary team working on big some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. In this role, your goal is owning creative execution.
Our team probably does not compare to your previous work experience. We’re close-knit, respectful, and demanding. You’ll work closely with someone who knows the business side of a project along with a designer who will take your work to the next level. You won’t get an email that says fix/ design this. Rather, it’ll be a conversation with someone who explains the nuances and context of the project. You will leave the co-op with your strongest portfolio piece yet. Learn more about us here.