Ask A Recruiter Think Dignity International( TDI-INDIA)

Sep 29 • 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm

ML Engineers -Positions 4
ML INTERNS -positions 4
SELECTION CRITERION: A written test internally designed by TDI has to be cleared first. if you clear that test, you can expect to get a personal round of interview.
Job Description – ML ENGINEER:
1- Make an end to end solution by working with team mates.
2- You need to think about how to solve the problem and then your code must meet Quality Standards of TDI.
3- You are expected to be excellent in written/verbal english atleast.
4- Must have deep and practical understanding of application of ML Mathematics topics specially Linear Algebra, Probability, Calculus .
5- You need to be comfortable with PYTHON, TENSORFLOW, KERAS and GPU/CPU basics.

ML Interns position is mostly “”UNPAID”” , however if your performance is good you may get paid too.
1- You need to be good with Mathematics, physics. When we say good what we mean is, you are able to use those concepts easily.
2- Excellent coding skills are a MUST.


Sep 29, 2022 | 1:15 PM

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