Becoming a Product Manager

Dec 7 • 1:40 pm - 1:40 pm

Did you know that product managers are one of the most in demand jobs in the future-of-work?! Companies like Microsoft, Uber and Amazon are all looking for Product Managers to join their company!
But how much education do you need? How can you gain more experience? How can you continue to grow your skills? what are the differences between different Product Management positions? You’re going to have to find out from Devangi Vivrekar, Senior Product Manager at Udacity.
You’ll learn how Product Managers use data, how they identify needs for the business and how do they work on improving their products by invovling and engaging their different stakeholders.
Here’s what you will learn:
? What it means to be a Product Manager ? How to start a career in Product Management After Graduation ? What are the different types of Product Managers? ? What does a typical day for a Product Manager look like? ? How do you know if a Product Manager role is right for you? ? What recruiters are looking for when hiring fresh talent
About Devangi:
Devangi Vivrekar is a mission-driven product management leader from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently a Sr. Product Manager at Udacity, building a digital education platform to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future. She has also worked on the product teams at Dropbox and Intuit, and she started her full-time career as an APM. Outside of work, Devangi enjoys coaching aspiring PMs as they transition to their first product role, and helping early-career PMs get their next dream product role.


Dec 7, 2021 | 1:40 PM

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