Career Readiness Series – The LinkedIn Guys – Live Webiner

Mar 21 • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

LinkedIn for International Students: Nail Networking Culture!

Looking for opportunities outside your native business culture can come with all sorts of pitfalls. Luckily, LinkedIn levels the playing field by making it easy to network with alumni, even if that’s a brand-new experience for you.

Join a former LinkedIn insider who was responsible for supporting 20 million students around the globe to:

Understand the Canadian/US hiring process – from how recruiters search for talent to how referrals can 10X your chances
Discover sponsorship opportunities – by following the data trail left on LinkedIn and other job sites
Develop your networking skills – by getting practice with reaching out to alumni and building rapport

Register here:,VgQB5XrHj0yzfOU1IQuS5Q,QJIpIh8gN0qYVhkEcQNY9Q,r7eBasDZT0a8Kwlfqpcw2g,aR7Y9kKPqEm5q56amXF_hw,AJcJOKfogk6_jj9hW9S9oA?mode=read&tenantId=a8eec281-aaa3-4dae-ac9b-9a398b9215e7


Mar 21, 2022 | 1:00 PM

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