EMPLOYER nuCAUSE: Roundtable on Sustainable Pathways to Prosperity, Creating Value Together

Mar 31 • 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This event is aimed to design a framework within which business and society can create more value for their stakeholders and discuss the meaning of accountability. Businesses exist to create value and satisfy needs as they strive to offer improved or innovative products and services that can enhance living conditions for their customers and other stakeholders. Society is essential for business to prosper as it provides the cultural and social background that defines the business environment. Business and society must co-exist, though sometimes there may be a disconnect between the two systems and the goals they seek to accomplish. this roundtable seems to bridge the gap of disconnect that may often result from a lack of alignment around goals. Some challenges are generated by businesses focused on short-term behaviors that may be potentially harmful to shareholders, employees, suppliers, lenders, and overall sustainable living conditions in both matured and developing countries. At the center of current movements on business reform are a demand for more sustainable business practices and a demand for more ethical leadership.

This event will feature: 

-Business leaders discussing their experiences and thoughts on how they seek value creation for customers and society, and how they identify, reduce, repair the negative impact, if any;

-Governmental leaders from various institutions and NGO's presenting their views and experiences on effective public policies, regulation, and best practices that nurture the relationships between business and society.

-Academics illustrating and analyzing examples of ethical leadership and healing organizations that define new forms of conscious capitalism, in which corporate social performance and financial performance go hand in hand.

Confirmed Guest Speakers:

Antonello Garzoni, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

Mary C. Gentile, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

Gautam Mahajan, Chairman of the Customer Value Foundation

Rajendra Sisodia, Babson College


Goldman Sachs

United Nations Global Compact

The best way to attend is in person. Not able to attend? Watch the event through live streaming. The link will be provided closer to the event to students who are registered. We will be streaming this event so that all students will be able to participate.  

Business casual attire encouraged and student attire is fine.

This program connects to the SAIL domain Personal and Professional Effectiveness using strategic thinking and networking skills, and communication skills

This is co-sponsored with Non-Profit Management, Global Studies, and Accounting/Finance through the College of Professional Studies in conjunction with Career Design and open to all students and alumni.

Please register and we look forward to your joining us. Questions: Please contact Ellen Zold Goldman, e.goldman@northeastern.edu



Mar 31, 2020 | 12:00 PM

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