Fighting Stereotypes: The First Female Car Designer in MENA

Mar 4 — Apr 4

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Being a woman in a field that’s dominated by men can feel intimidating. Reem Al-Smeirat is all too familiar with working through challenging situations. She’s the 1st female car designer in the Middle East. 

Not only is she a pioneer in automotive design in Jordan, she’s the entrepreneur and Founder of her company *Concepts 4 Automotive Design* “CAD” the first of its kind in Jordan. 

Want a glimpse into her world renowned work?: 

?? She’s the woman behind the first conceptual esports city-car “PHOENIX” in Jordan

?? She worked on the Maserati hommage concept car “bora” in 2016 

?? She launched the Escala concept car by Cadillac at the Dubai Motor show in 2017. 

Reems experience spans from auto industry design to engineering, from marketing to product analysis. She’s an expert in customer experience, business development and of course after sales and maintenance. 

As Reem says: “Passion is my key motivation, and car design is my future legacy!” ??

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More About Reem Al-Smeirat: 

The first Female Car Designer in the Middle East. 

She holds a Masters degree in transportation from Italy. She’s a pioneer in automotive design in Jordan and the founder of Concepts 4 Automotive Design “C A D” –  The first transportation design company in Jordan. She’s the Founder of Womative the initiative that empowers women in the automotive industry by providing working and training opportunities. 


Mar 4, 2022 | 12:00 PM — Apr 4, 2022 | 1:00 PM

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