Healthcare Moneyball – Associate Job in Healthcare Consulting with IQVIA!

Sep 20 • 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Why Moneyball?
No worries, we aren’t looking for candidates with backgrounds in sports, reading Michael Lewis novels, or indulging in Brad Pitt movies. In the early 2000s, the Oakland Athletics baseball team implemented enhanced statistical insights to understand the real value of players, as opposed to “old-school” approaches that are outdated, subjective, and often flawed. Using enhanced insights, the A’s remained a competitive baseball team despite having limited funds to pay high-value players and managers – their unique approach to better gain insight about players had ushered in an era of new thinking to the game and enhanced insights are now a necessity to “play ball” in every industry.
In our world of healthcare, ongoing changes in patient insurance coverage, continued impacts from COVID-19, increasing industry consolidation, and the growth in expensive transformative therapeutics continue to challenge the life sciences landscape. These changes at a macro-level have ripple effects across the country. For example, the “greying” of the US is leading to approximately 15 M people enrolling in Medicare over the next ten years, but this impact is likely to increase more so in specific states and geographies. Furthermore, the growth in high deductibles continue to drive higher costs across the landscape of various treatment options.
As a result, we support our clients by developing “Moneyball” like solutions to provide better insights for our clients to adapt to a demanding market. Our team uses the power of healthcare data to help manufacturers measure the impact of market access on brand performance and the cascading influence this has on how prescribers and patients gain access to innovative therapies. We support manufacturers by providing deep insights into the geographic variations of patient, insurer, and prescriber behavior and thereby help manufacturers implement more effective strategies for sales execution, insurer contracting, net revenue optimization, and all varieties of patient assistance programs.
Please join for a deeper dive into the type of work IQVIA’s Market Access Strategy Consulting team does daily. You will hear from two of our top Principals – Ross Perak and Sayantan Niyogi. Access represents one of the most critical barriers to patients accessing the therapies they need. Health insurers restrict patient access to therapies that carry less value for them, posing an obvious puzzle for us to solve.


Sep 20, 2023 | 4:30 PM

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