MERC: 49th Annual MA Education Recruiting Consortium Career Fair 2023

Apr 20 • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Are you searching for a job in education? Come to MERC! The MERC Education Career Fair provides an exciting opportunity for candidates to interact with school and education personnel from across the country. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Educational Recruitment Consortium, our annual event is dedicated to facilitating the hiring process in education and related fields. This partnership between higher education and recruiting personnel from across the country produces one of the finest annual recruiting events of its kind.
Candidate registration is now open! Registration is strongly suggested to create a simpler check in process during the fair.
Candidate Eligibility: The fair is open to candidates in education and related fields (teaching, administration, school counseling/psychology, occupational therapy, social work, speech language, etc.) There is no fee to attend this fair.
Meet with 100+ employers hiring in Teaching, administration, counseling, social work, ABA, and more!

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Before the Fair- See more tips below–Research which school districts and educational organizations are attending MERC.Develop a prioritized “target list” of schools and conduct research on anticipated job openings.
Be aware that districts’ needs may change at any time prior to or after MERC.
At the FairCheck in at the Candidate Registration tables. You will receive a list of participating employers and their locations at the venue.Employers will utilize different formats, so follow the lead of each individual employer. Some employers have short conversations, collect resumes, and contact selected candidates at a later date, while other employers will interview candidates at their booth during MERC.Some employers are not able to take resumes and will direct candidates to their online application system. Connecting with the recruiter at MERC will allow you to ask questions, promote yourself, and use their name in a cover letter.Special Needs RequestsIf you are a candidate with special needs, please contact us at [email protected].
Dining OptionsThere are numerous restaurants and cafés in the George Sherman Union at Boston University, as well as those located in the immediate surrounding area.

Strategies for a Successful MERC Fair Prepare Your ResumeUtilize Career Design here at Northeastern to create a high quality resume. Visit your career center in advance of MERC to have your resume reviewed.
Determine Which Organizations Interest YouGive some thought to the type of school and community you prefer. Consider geographical location, district size, community makeup, type of classroom setting and educational philosophy. Use the MERC website to conduct research.
Look BroadlyGeographic flexibility yields more opportunities. Use MERC to explore other regions.
Prepare to Answer QuestionsThink about frequently asked questions and how you would answer them. Visit your career center for sample interview questions and to practice your responses. Be prepared to talk about your student teaching experience and other experiences with children and adolescents.
Know the Licensure/Certification RequirementsMany states require passing scores on standardized exams or competency tests as part of their certification requirements. Visit states’ Department of Education sites for more info. While you may not need to take the tests before MERC, employers prefer candidates are aware of what certification tests are required for their states.
Dress AppropriatelyDress for the fair as you would for any professional situation. Avoid revealing clothing. You will be doing a good amount of walking and standing, so wear comfortable dress shoes.
Don’t Sign ContractsNo matter how good a particular job may sound to you, it is not a good idea to sign a contract on the spot. If you are interested in a district, discuss the possibility of a site visit. Note: A letter of intent is different than a contract.
Follow UpBe sure you get the information you need to follow up with organizations in which you are interested. Find out what to expect regarding the next step in the hiring process, and ask for the recruiter’s business card. Send a thank you e-mail or card within 24 hours of your initial meeting. If you receive an offer and/or accept a position after MERC, notify your career center about the good news!


Apr 20, 2023 | 10:00 AM

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