PhD: Scholarly Resilience in the Time of COVID-19

Jul 22 • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

While acknowledging the global and interconnected nature of the events that have defined the past several months, including but not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, it is also essential that we recognize, understand, and honor the unique challenges of our own individual experience, as citizens and as scholars. In this interactive discussion of personal and professional resilience, we will be joined by Professor Jennie Stephens, Director for Strategic Research Collaborations, Global Resilience Institute, Director, School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs, and Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy. In addition to relocating the concept and theory of resilience within the present moment, participants will have an opportunity to reflect upon the skills and strengths that have facilitated their own resilience in response to changing and difficult circumstances. 

Connecting to SAIL Dimensions: Personal and Professional Effectiveness, Well-Being; SAIL Foundational Masteries: Perseverance/Resiliency, Resourcefulness, Comfort with Ambiguity, Empathy


Jul 22, 2020 | 11:00 AM

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