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Career Design is both a process of lifelong learning and an office at Northeastern University that provides the tools, resources, and strategies learners need on their journey.

We know learners often prefer to engage in conversations about their career choices with peers and trusted faculty/staff in addition to family members and others in their network. In this regard, Career Design has found ways to capitalize on providing opportunities for learners to speak with trusted community members not only about Career Design, but to also engage in lifelong learning and experiential learning conversations.

The Career Influencer Initiative

The Career Design Influencer Initiative has identified four areas of engagement: student (peer-to-peer), staff, faculty, and community partners, which includes Employers, Alumni, Parents, and anyone else interested in the work that we do. Career Design has multiple opportunities of engagement for each type of influencer. From casual conversations to active involvement with our office and programming, your perspective and voice is invaluable for learners at any stage of their journey.

Career Design has partnered with over 20 Northeastern Departments and established hundreds of individual influencers, who have been active advocates of Career Design and career education at large. We welcome any and all future influencers to get involved today!

To learn more about our initiative and to see how you can be involved, click on the category below that best describes what type of influencer YOU are:

Whether in a student organization, as an RA in the residence halls, or even just talking with classmates, we know conversations about career exploration and career choices are happening among you, your friends, and peers.  

Peer to peer learning is a proven effective method of education. As a peer educator/leader, you can help your friends and other Northeastern students in being up to date on the latest career trends and information. 

Or, become a trained leader in our renowned Career Ambassador Program.  

To learn more about student involvement in Career Design, visit this page.

Northeastern University is fortunate to have developed partnerships with our surrounding and broader community that stretches across all of our campuses. Career Design believes our relationship with individuals and companies across our global network is instrumental in the work that we do in educating our learners.  

As a Community Influencer, you have valuable industry knowledge to share with our learners and each other. As an alumni, a parent or family member of a Northeastern learner, or local professional, we are always looking for ways to incorporate your perspective into the work that we do.

Learn more about our competitive Career Fellow program where you can be a dedicated intern, or if you want to spend a shorter amount of time with us on a weekly basis, consider volunteering through our renowned Career Mentor program.  

To learn more about community involvement in Career Design, visit this page.