On the Road and International Delegations

Modern India - A Mosaic of Contrasts

One Chance to Make a First Impression

My recent trip to India in January proved to be more profitable for Northeastern’s signature Global Co-op program than I ever imagined!  I set off to the south Asian country in mid-January, landing in New Delhi – my first of eight stops, ultimately making my way to my final destination, Bangalore – India’s largest most southern city.  With a packed itinerary already unfolding, I was immediately struck by the warmth and generosity of the Indian people, who always seemed to appear at just the right time when I was in need of help with directions or simply trying to find the best local fare.  The expeditious pace in a land of stark contrasts, make India a travel destination for not the faint of heart. India is changing at an unprecedented rate. Most of us understand this, but it’s the speed, degree, and permanence of this transformation that can be sometimes indigestible.  India is a vibrant society with an increasingly vigorous internal dynamic and an increasing influence, directly and indirectly, in the world.

During the course of many meetings, I was astonished at the level of interest there was to partner with Northeastern.  I met with an array of professionals – everyone from multinational CEOs and founders of ambitious start-ups to high-powered global HR directors and department heads. One of the most rewarding components of my position at Northeastern is seeing firsthand the convergence of connections – it is through a strong internal network of passionate alumni/ae, which catapults Northeastern to the top of its game – as a leader in global experiential learning.

Existence and Coexistence:  Culture, Diversity, Spirituality, Poverty, and Modernity

There are paradoxical implications when one thinks of a country peacefully coexisting, when the simple fact of the matter is, India is host to15 different languages, 3000 dialects, all the world’s major religions, and a population of 1.3 billion people – where 20% reside in cities, and the rest of the population live in the 600,000 villages across India.  I found a level of hunger that I have not experienced anywhere else. In every corner of the country, people are innovating, creating, developing, imagining, and strategizing – all with an acute appetite to contribute and to succeed. One of the direct benefactors of this fast-paced growth and welcomed drive for globalization are the thousands of students and alumni/ae from Northeastern University.  Ripe for talent, Northeastern has positioned itself as the primary global talent pipeline for many of these newly developed partnerships. I was so impressed with the many Google-like start-up labs – the quintessential mix of high tech meets cool intellectual vibe.

Biggest Take-Away

Every professional with whom I met is keen on collaborating with Northeastern – that can go without saying. Beyond that, each employer is open to both Indian and non-Indian students – the focus on global co-op in India has been set in motion, so if you are a student looking to build your professional capital look no further. I am hopeful students will take advantage of these incredible opportunities, where they are sure to gain not only invaluable skills but an unquantifiable cultural experience.

You can peruse all co-op jobs in India by using the key search ‘Global-Asia’ in NU Careers.  If you have any questions, please meet with your Co-op Faculty Coordinator.


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