Perkins School For The Blind

Located in Watertown, MA, Perkins School for the Blind has a mission to educate children. They have a population of students who are blind as well as deaf-blind students. Janet James, Chairman of the Perkins School for the Blind, looks for co-op students who can play significant roles as staff members: whether that be program aides, assistants to teachers in the classroom, to aides in the residential buildings.

Perkins has been partnering with Northeastern for over 30 years; the co-op students bring a sense of energy and a new perspective to our staff and to the children/students. Perkins is proud that they are viewed as the leader in their field, and they spend a lot of time training teachers not only in Watertown but to go out into the world and apply the skills they learned.

Perkins believes that Northeastern students are marvelous ambassadors who can extend their mission of educating children throughout local, state and regional communities. Northeastern students come to Perkins well-equipped to work with the staff, due to coming out of physical therapy programs and they are able to work as physical therapists. Perkins looks to have a longstanding relationship with Northeastern and the co-op program.