Student Co-op Process FAQs

How has the co-op job search process changed?

  • You will be able to view ALL co-op jobs and apply for ANY job for which you meet the eligibility requirements established by the employer.
  • You may apply directly for any co-op job for which you are qualified. Since cross-college referrals are no longer required, your credentials will be immediately available to the employer.
  • If you have successfully completed at least one co-op experience, you are free to apply to additional co-op opportunities without the previously required meeting with your advisor. Advisors do remain available to assist you at your request with any aspect of your co-op search.
  • In addition to a resume, you can complete a “profile” in NUworks to apply for co-op positions. The profile allows you to highlight aspects of your abilities and experiences. Employers can search the profile to discover capabilities and interests that potentially make you a more attractive candidate for the position.
  • In addition to applying directly to a co-op position, you will have the option to make your profile and resume available in a database of co-op candidates for employers. If you choose to participate in this service, employers can search the database and reach out to you if they have interest in you as a potential candidate, even if you didn’t apply for the position.

What do I need to do now to prepare for my co-op job search?

  • If you will be looking for your first co-op don’t worry – everything will be covered in the co-op preparation course you will enroll in.
  • If you have already successfully completed that course and your first co-op, you will have access to NUworks and all job all job postings as soon as your “pattern of attendance” (POA) is confirmed via the Registrar’s Banner system. For graduate students you are able to begin your search once verified by your graduate co-op coordinator. Once that is done you should take the following steps:
    1. Update your resume using the new resume building tool VMock. This new platform uses an algorithm based on current best practices and industry standards to provide specific feedback and an overall score to each version of your resume that you upload to the system. We recommend you follow the system suggestions and keep uploading your resume until you achieve the version you think best. At that point, you may wish to share that version of your resume with your co-op coordinator for final polishing.
    2. Complete your profile available on your NUworks dashboard. The profile features a variety of questions/categories with pull down menu choice responses. The profile allows you to highlight various elements of your background that employers can search on to help in both focusing on the job applicants of most interest to them and in identifying potential candidates who have opted into the co-op candidate database.

    Your Co-op Coordinator will, of course, always be available to assist you with any aspect of these processes or any matter relating to your co-op job search.

How do I apply for co-op positions?

  • You will be able to search NUworks for available positions using advanced search tools.
  • The default view from your dashboard allows you access to all the jobs for which you are eligible to apply. Application eligibility is determined by the employer based on their needs, requirements, and interests. The employer may also express preferences for certain types of candidates (e.g. students enrolled in specific academic programs) in the job description posting.
  • Once you apply, your application materials (i.e. profile, resume, plus any other required documents) are immediately available to the employer through the system.
  • While we encourage you to be thoughtful and strategic about which jobs you apply for, there are no specific system restrictions on how many job applications you may submit, nor do your applications need to be approved by your Co-op Coordinator prior to submission.

When can I start interviewing for co-op positions?

  • You may begin interviewing as soon as an employer invites you to do so. Employers schedule their recruiting activities throughout the semester, so you should be prepared to receive an invitation to interview from interested employers at any time after you have submitted your application.

What happens when an employer extends a co-op job offer to me?

As exciting as the prospect is, receiving, assessing, and accepting an offer can be one of the more challenging aspects of the co-op job search. To help you with this we have implemented some important changes:

  • Some employers will continue to extend offers the traditional way by contacting you directly via email or phone to make an offer with a decision timeline, and then await your response. We have introduced a system feature which will now allow employers to extend their offers to you through the NUcworks system saving time and effort for everyone.
    • Once an employer submits the information to the system you will immediately be able to see that you have received an offer on your dashboard. You will also receive an email informing you that you have an offer. Offers submitted by employers through NUworks require that you respond with your decision within 2 business days after the email was sent. If you accept the offer, a record will be created, and you will be removed from any further consideration for other jobs. If you decline the offer, the system will automatically move to the second-choice candidate the employer identified. That person will then have 2 business days to decide. This will continue until the position is filled or there are no more candidates of interest. If you do not respond to the offer, then the system will assume you have declined and move on to the next candidate.

What happens if I have questions about an offer received?

  • Reach out to the appropriate employer company contact to answer any questions about your offer. If you need any further assistance, contact your Co-op Coordinator.

What happens if I need assistance in making a decision about an offer(s)?

  • Reach out to your Co-op Coordinator who can assist you in thinking through your options.

What happens if I receive an offer late on a Friday and only have the weekend to consider it?

  • We’ve configured the system so that weekends and federal holidays are excluded from the 48-hour period you have to review and decide on offers submitted through the system.


  • We have added 24/7 Northeastern University Help Desk support – available by phone at 617.373.4357 or at [email protected] – to assist you with any technical or access concerns.