Experiential Network (XN)

How It Works

The Experiential Network (XN) is a new initiative built to help graduate and professional studies students engage in experiential learning opportunities with our real-world partners.

Students gain invaluable experience by participating in six-week, virtual projects that impact critical business decisions. These projects not only benefit learners but bolster Northeastern’s position as the global leader in experiential learning for all students.

The Experiential Network’s intentionally designed project experiences empower graduate and professional learners to integrate and apply their learning and development in a real-world professional setting, similar to gig-economy work experiences within the context of and aligned with an academic course.

These short-term projects help students apply their skills to solve problems with real parameters and constraints that deliver real value to project sponsors. Students complete projects remotely and typically work 30-40 hours on a project over approximately six weeks. Projects are scoped and evaluated by sponsors with assistance from the XN staff, who provide the administrative and operational support for the academic programs and the student participants.

Recommended Application Deadline Information

Most students are able to participate in XN projects every quarter, every semester, or every half-term, depending on enrollment status and eligibility.

It is recommended that for any given term, students apply one month prior to the term’s start dates. Please see below for application deadlines.

Be sure to select the appropriate term and course (as some projects are embedded in your academic courses) you’re applying for on your XN application.

Students may participate in XN up to three times over the course of their degree program.

View full list of XN deadlines.

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