What are Husky Treks?

Husky Treks helps you explore your career options and gain more insight about career paths and jobs by getting a behind the scenes tour of some of Boston’s top companies.  You will get exposure to company culture and learn about opportunities that may be available to you as students. This program is primarily for first-year students and sophomores.

Husky Treks 2.0 A Virtual Experience

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Here is what students have said about their Husky Trek experience in the past:

  • “An eye-opening experience on how {the company} operates and its company culture. From the panel, I learned that the staff is very passionate about their work, which is highly motivating for me. Additionally, I learned that the company is well organized, and each department has particular functions to do. I truly enjoyed my trek and would love to work there in the future.”
  •  “I liked talking to the people that worked in the department, learning how they got to where they are now, and what skills they use on the job every day.”
  •  “I think it is a great experience both for students who first started their college life and are not sure what they would be interested in and for students who are actively looking for jobs. It is always a great experience to know about more companies and see what kind of environment you might be fitting in.”
  •  “I came out of the experience with a lot of insight into where the field of communications can take you, as well as information about the non-profit world!”

Who can participate?

The treks are primarily for first, second, and third-year students who are exploring career and major options, however, all are welcome to apply.

What to expect?

Husky Trek experience ranges from a couple of hours to a full morning or afternoon visiting an employer.  Visits vary on our employer partner’s location, but most treks consist of a company tour, an employer panel, networking with Northeastern alumni, company case study, and much more.  This is also an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the work of different departments, and opportunities that these companies may have available to you as students!

Where have the students trekked before?

Jack Morton, Google, Boston Children’s Hospital, Arnold Worldwide, Education First, Autodesk, Liberty Mutual, Powder House Productions, and more!

When do the treks occur?

Husky Treks take place during spring break, the summer, and various points throughout the year. Check back for more information on the dates and listings of participating companies! 

What is the application process?

Applications open prior to the trek, and students must apply by submitting the application form and sending a resume to a link that will be provided.  Priority in the application process will be given to underclassmen exploring career options, but all undergraduate students are welcome to apply. Following acceptance into the program, all participants are required to attend an orientation for professional development with Employer Engagement and Career Design to prepare for the trek. If you have any questions about the program, email Diana Ghattas-Antony at [email protected]