Career Guides

More than 50% of all college students are undecided and 75% change their major at least once.
Accountants work with people. They are analysts, planners and problem solvers.
African American Studies
The Department of African American Studies mentors intellectual leaders, develops emerging scholars, and trains global citizens.
The School of Architecture at Northeastern is focused on leadership in a changing world.
Asian Studies
Asian Studies at Northeastern is an interdepartmental program that focuses on the histories, cultures, and politics of the most dynamic nation-states in East and South Asia
Behavioral Neuroscience
Behavioral Neuroscience is the study of physiological, genetic, and developmental mechanisms of behavior in humans and other animals.
The chemical processes occurring in the wide variety of living systems and touches essentially all aspects of our own lives.
Bioengineering is engineering in a biological context such as the human body, an ecosystem, or a bioreactor.
Biology provides a basic understanding for the organization and processes of life in a wide variety of areas, including ecosystems and evolution
Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry and engineering to solve problems
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Chemistry is a science focused on substances that compose matter, both living and inert. 
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental engineers are involved in water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, and public health issues.
Communication Studies
Communication is a diverse discipline and each department is unique
Computer Science
There are a number of job roles related to computer and information science degrees and as every sector requires technology to function
Consulting opportunities are available in every industry
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice prepares students for professional and research careers in criminal justice
Data Science
Data Science provides an understanding of the collection, manipulation and storage
Economics is the study of how societies produce and exchange goods and services to satisfy material needs
Education: Higher Education Professionals
The School of Education offers a wide range of programs for higher education administrators, and adult learning professionals.
Education: K-12 Teaching and Administration
The School of Education offers a wide range of programs for K-12 teachers and administrators.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical engineers design electrical and electronic equipment. Computer engineers are involved with digital technologies.
The Mission of the Department of English is to preserve and produce knowledge about and to engage students with English-language text
Entrepreneurship/Start-up requires someone willing to conceive, organize, implement, and/or manage a new enterprise to meet certain goals.
Graphic Design
Designers are needed when we don’t know what is needed.
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary study that focus on how humans interact with the earth and the environment.
Finance involves the management and investment of money and other assets for businesses, individuals, and governments.
Game Design
Games have grown to become an inextricable part of our culture, with game design experiencing explosive growth into a multi-billion dollar industry.
Health Sciences
The major is designed for students who are seeking a general preparation for positions in health promotion, health administration, and community-based public health.
History, Political Science, and International Affairs
History, Political Science, and International Affairs.
Human Resources Management
Workforce planning and strategic recruitment; and training and performance management.
Human Services
The Human Services major is an academically rigorous program that prepares students for careers in social change.
The ability to gather, analyze and present stories and information is at the core of the journalism and public relations professions, and we continue to emphasize reporting and writing skills in all courses.
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Journalism students also are part of a unique interdisciplinary and creative community.
Specifically designed to help you develop the skills required to assume a future leadership position.
Marketing encompasses a practical, cutting-edge research faculty, a broad set of undergraduate and graduate program offerings.
Mathematics is the language of science and technology, and it provides methods for analyzing and solving problems.
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Journalism students also are part of a unique interdisciplinary and creative community.
Media and Screen Studies
Media and Screen Studies is devoted exclusively to the study and production of media.
Students can explore areas of interest that will prepare them for the broad array of careers in the music industry.
Nonprofit Management
A degree in Nonprofit Management prepares you for a leadership position in a not-for-profit organization.
A degree in nursing prepares you to become a professional nurse with a wide range of career options.
Professionals in this field are experts in food and nutrition.
Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy is a basic field of inquiry. The program in Religion offers students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of religious experience
Physics is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact.
Project Management
A degree in Project Management is designed to provide you the skills you need to lead complex projects.
Psychologists investigate and seek explanations for the behavior and mental life of individuals.
Public Health
Public Health careers have developed in response to the growing need for professionals versed in diverse public health problems.
Regulatory Affairs
Professionals in the field can serve any number of diverse functions including the formation of efficient public policies.
Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology is the scientific study of society. Anthropology is the holistic, cross-cultural study of humanity.
The multicultural world in which we live requires increased communication among varied and often divergent cultures.
Studio Art
Journalism students also are part of a unique interdisciplinary and creative community.
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