Interview Etiquette

Always check with the employer in advance, so you know what type of interview to expect, as there are a variety of styles and formats. You may also want to ask the employer for an agenda, so you will be aware of who you will be meeting with and the specific time frame. You would then have an opportunity to conduct research on the interviewers by reviewing their LinkedIn profiles.

Arrive early

About 15 minutes early so you have time to find the specific office or suite and settle in.

Dress appropriately

In other words, dress for success!  It’s best to dress more conservatively rather than risk being under-dressed. If you wish to learn What to Wear for Different Job Interviews Based on the Company, read this Careerbuilder article.

Be polite

Your interview starts the moment you walk through the door, so be polite and courteous to everyone, and remember to turn your cell phone off.