Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology is the scientific study of society; it begins with the premise that individuals are affected by the social structures, institutions, and cultural milieus surrounding them. Sociology provides students with the conceptual tools to understand how various features of society affect its members as well as how people create and maintain those same features.

The undergraduate sociology program at Northeastern University prepares students to rigorously analyze the social, political, and economic spheres of society at the local and global levels. Given the varied interests and areas of specialization among Northeastern’s sociology faculty, our program affords students the opportunity to acquire a multicultural and comparative perspective on social life. Our undergraduate offerings cover everything from gender and family violence, to law and criminality, human services, race and ethnicity, social movements, and urban social problems.

Although many of our majors go on to law or professional school, sociology also prepares students for occupations in human services and related health careers; business (sales, marketing, management); criminal justice; the non-profit and government sectors; lobbying, consulting, and citizen advocacy; and education.

Anthropology is the holistic, cross-cultural study of humanity that explores the multiple ways that humans create meaning in the world. Studying anthropology provides students with an understanding of the varied nature of past and present cultures, as well as a deeper awareness and appreciation of the world in which they live.

Anthropology at Northeastern University specializes in cultural anthropology and social anthropology—the relationship of culture to the institutions, interpersonal relations, and practices that make up their social structure. Our program specifically focuses on how culture interacts with structures of inequality such as race, class, gender and ethnicity, as well as with contemporary global issues such as poverty, illness, environmental degradation, and economic development. Our courses complement a wide range of interdisciplinary programs at Northeastern including, Environmental StudiesInternational AffairsAfrican American Studies, and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

A major in anthropology prepares students for occupations in government, business, and community organizations, in fields as wide ranging as international affairs, medicine, environmental protection, social services, education, historic preservation, law, and business. In addition, the major serves as excellent preparation for advanced academic and professional study in the social sciences.

Job Titles

Academic Advisor*Internal Revenue Officer
Account ManagerLawyer*
Admissions CounselorLegislator*
Affirmative Action OfficerManagement Analyst
Anthropologist*Market Research Analyst
Civil Rights AnalystMental Health Worker
Communications StrategistMuseum Curator*
Community Outreach CoordinatorParalegal
Conference ProducerPerformance Operations Manager
Crime Analyst*Policy Analyst*
Editorial AssistantProfessor*
Education CoordinatorPublic Health Analyst*
Event PlannerReal Estate Agent*
Exhibits Manager*Recruiter
Foreign Service OfficerResearch Assistant
FundraiserSales Representative
Grant WriterSexual Assault Response Counselor
Grassroots OrganizerSocial Worker*
Guidance Counselor*Study Abroad Advisor*
Human Resources AdministratorTeacher*
Instructional Designer*Volunteer Programs Coordinator

Positions that require additional education, training, or licensing are indicated by an (*).

Job qualifications are based not only on degree program, but on skills and experience. Students should seek out as many experiential opportunities in their fields of interest as possible, including co-op and internships.


This is a limited sample of employers who have posted jobs on NUworks; please note, that they may not currently have positions posted.
APS HealthcareMakro Technologies, Inc.
DMA StrategiesOne Planet Education Network (OPEN)
The Gallup OrganizationReso Interactive, LLC


This is a sample of the industries that often hire this major.
CommunicationsHuman Resources
Community ServiceLaw
CounselingPublic Health
Event PlanningSocial Work/Services
 Healthcare – Mental Health

Internships and Co-ops

These sample titles can be used to research internship opportunities.

  • Human Resources Intern
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Public Affairs Intern
  • Research Intern

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