General Resources

Escape Artist

  • Offers articles on working internationally


  • Country and Global City Career Guides plus job and internship postings across the world

Go Abroad

This site has some of everything–study abroad, language schools, international internships (paid and volunteer), international volunteer programs, teaching jobs, international employment, and eco-adventures

Peace Corps

  • The ultimate resource for Americans
  • It’s a U.S. government organization, which offers the most diverse programs to teach English abroad, as well as building infrastructure, working on health projects, improving technology and many other things
  • All programs are 27 months long, so you must be committed to the program and have graduated from college

University of Wisconsin-Madison International Institute

  • Information on preparation for finding and applying for international jobs
  • Lots of links to other university international career services websites and other internship/volunteer oriented websites

University of Michigan International Center

  • Frequently asked questions, along with information about how to prepare yourself to begin looking for international jobs, internships, volunteer experience, international research, etc.
  • International job options, including various types of internships, short-term paid work, volunteering, and teaching abroad programs

Job Search

Foreign Policy Association Job Board

  • Offers hundreds of job postings at many international organizations located abroad and in the United States


  • Job and internship postings across the world.

• One of the most useful international job websites
• Has thousands of international job postings in almost every country


  • Many job postings around the world

Internship or Short Term Work Abroad


  • Provides authorization to work in several different countries (Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada), as well as providing you with limited assistance on finding a job and living accommodations once you arrive in the country.
  • Allows you to work for up to a year.

Cultural Vistas

  • Provides several links to other agencies that offer job placement and fellowships, particularly in Germany
  • Many agencies tend to be targeted to professionals and graduate-level students.
  • Program fees vary depending on location, but most have a $500 placement fee.

Global Placement

  • Offers job openings in many different locations around the world.- Please change job to internship.

UN Volunteers

  • Similar to the Peace Corps, the UNV is the United Nations’ volunteer organization
  • Specialize in everything from agricultural, educational, environmental, or health concerns
  • Assignments generally last from 6 to 12 months, and tend to be geared towards people with professional experience


Work Visas for Australia & Singapore


  • Volunteer World is a search engine with a wealth of information for volunteer opportunities abroad.
  • Volunteer World does not offer services to students directly, just information.

Volunteers for Peace

  • Programs are short-term, lasting from 2 to 3 weeks, and cost on average $300
  • Offer opportunities in many different countries, you can search for programs based on location or type of work involved

International Volunteer Programs Association

  • Has an extensive search engine of various volunteer opportunities from every region of the world for any desired length of time

Volunteer Forever

  • Offers opportunities to teach English in several countries, as well as the ability to work on conservation projects like the Sea Turtle Rescue in Guatemala, the Desert Elephant project in Namibia among many other things.
  • Programs tend to be shorter in length (generally 2 to 3 weeks long)
  • Costs vary but start at about $1,000 for a two week program.