Identity-Based Career Exploration

We in Employer Engagement and Career Design are committed to engaging in the ongoing education of ourselves and others, disrupting biases and inequitable systems, and amplifying impact through our partnerships with students, alumni, employers in hiring, programming, and services. It is our goal to continue expanding our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work to support all our constituents in achieving their goals and a more just society. This is our call to action, and we ask you to join us. 

Career exploration and advancement are closely tied to one’s intersections of identity. Check out our NU PLACE initiative, with a website including identity-based pages, as we offer a number of continuously growing resources to support and empower you to navigate your career design as your authentic self.

Join in discussions about identifying your values, embracing cultural identity in your professional brand, navigating microaggressions in the workplace, tackling imposter syndrome, researching inclusive workspaces, and so much more!

Through Career Design, NU PLACE partners with the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute, Asian American Center, Latinx Student Cultural Center, LGBTQA Resource Center, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, Center for Intercultural Engagement, Social Justice Resource Center, and many more to bring you programs and resources, including:

To help you get started, we recommend the Career Design coaching labs below (or equivalent Canvas modules). Feel free to browse our full suite of coaching labsweekly schedule, and specialty topicsTo sign up for a coaching lab, and view all other Career Design programs, go to our events calendar.

You are welcome to attend any coaching lab for help as often as needed:

  • Finding Your Fit: Majors, Careers, and Life Design
  • Promoting Your Brand on LinkedIn
  • Networking on LinkedIn
  • Identity and Career Series (specialty topics)
  • International Student Job Search Strategies
  • Navigating Cross-Cultural Differences in the American Job Search (specialty topic)
  • Staying Positive During Your Job Search (specialty topic)


Additional Career Design support includes: 

  • Career Studio for daily drop-ins (virtual and campus hours)
  • Canvas modules parallel coaching labs for 24/7 self-paced instruction. We recommend Designing Your Career for an overview of both the process and our office (and we continue to add new modules, so check back regularly).
  • Email [email protected] or call 617.373.2430 with any questions.

There are many other useful tools and resources available to you:

  • Visit the Employer Engagement and Career Design website for helpful resources on drafting your resume using Big Interview Resume AI, practice for an interview with Big Interview, learn Tips for working remotely, and explore career guides to see how different fields of study can lead to a variety of occupations.
  • Sign into NUworks for posted internship and employment opportunities, as well as other career resources and co-op opportunities.
  • Join NUsource and Northeastern LinkedIn groups to connect with alumni.

Once you’ve taken advantage of our coaching labs and Career Studio to meet your initial needs, individual consultations can be scheduled by emailing or calling our office: [email protected] or call 617.373.2430.

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