Develop & Use your Alumni & Professional Network

Informational Interviews

This informational meeting is one of the best ways to open up and expand your network. An informational interview can give you the opportunity to learn about a company, a particular position or a career path, as well as make connections with people in the field you are interested in. Read more in our Informational Interviewing guide.

Northeastern Alumni Community

There are more than 240,000 Northeastern alumni part of our global network, many of whom are willing to help out fellow graduates. All alumni have access to the online Alumni Directorywhich you can use to find and contact other alumni. You can also access the community through the Alumni Network app, available for iOS and Android.


Northeastern University Alumni is our official LinkedIn group. Join the conversation, share your news, and ask for advice. Together, our group of 25K alumni, are here to support each other as we navigate our careers. Get connected.

Networking Etiquette

Check out this networking etiquette guide before you approach alumni, to learn how to make the most of your networking process.