Faculty engagement with career education is extremely beneficial to students, as they want to learn and hear from respected and experienced people within their areas of interest. In fact, research from a Strada-Gallup survey shows that graduates are more likely to have received career advice from faculty or staff members than from the career services office!  Your ability to share your knowledge, background, and expertise in the fields and industries in which you work, research, and teach, make you invaluable career influencers. 


Ways YOU can be an influencer:    

If you find yourself having a casual career conversation, be sure to know your own limits and expertise, and when it might be helpful to refer learners to Career Design. Familiarize yourself with our services and how to navigate our website so you can empower others to reach out for information and help.  

As you have more career-related conversations you may also want to collaborate with Career Design in a more intentional way.   

For example, Career Design can do specialized presentations with you or your department on any career-related topic. Here is a menu of options.  If interested in having a Career Design team member come to your class, contact Director, Diane Ciarletta ([email protected]).    

Finally, if you or a colleague would like to have more in-depth training on career design, consider participating in our Career Mentor program! 

If interested, contact us and learn more about how you can be involved as a career influencer!  

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