Global Co-op Support Network

Your Global Co-op Support Network

Northeastern is a leading global university with over 3,100 partner connections across all seven continents.  As true ambassadors our students travel the globe from vibrant capitals to remote landscapes. A strong network of teams support students with information, resources and guidance with identifying and securing global co-ops. Be sure to check out the Global Information Platforms.

Northeastern provides a broad-based network of support that helps you prepare for and get the most from co-op, including an academic advisor, a co-op coordinator and if applicable, an international co-op counselor. Your co-op coordinator(s) will help guide you through the co-op process and help identify various positions that best match your skills and career interests. After you’ve completed your co-op assignment, you will be asked to reflect upon your experience and explain how it integrates with your classroom studies. The reflection process may include a variety of options, such as: participating in company seminars, faculty conferences, one-on-one meetings with your co-op coordinator, writing assignments/or presentations.

The Global Employer Engagement team works closely with the colleges and  develops opportunities in regions of interest, offers Global Career Sessions and hosts the biannual Global Co-op Networking Fair as well as webinars and info sessions when employers visit the campus.

At GEO, we value intercultural learning and helping to create globally minded students. Through evolving global networks for lifelong learning and discovery, our office maximizes the power and reach of these networks. Together, the university will make global opportunities for learning and research more accessible and flexible for students, faculty, and partners.
All study abroad locations have been approved by GEO staff members, who periodically conduct program evaluations of our current partners.  GEO also conducts site visits abroad to explore campuses and ensure that the facilities and housing arrangements are comfortable and safe for our students.

The Office of Global Services (OGS) is an active resource to 13,000 international students and scholars from 147 different nations across the world. We provide the professional expertise and support you need to maintain compliance through immigration, academic, and your employment experiences—helping you remain a valuable member of the Northeastern community.

Co-op Connections serves as a link to Northeastern University while you are away on co-op.  We will keep you informed about Northeastern news, connect you to other co-op students and alumni, and invite you to different events both in Boston, and Beyond!
It is our mission to keep you connected with fellow Huskies in your area, and through our programs and events, help you gain valuable information and life skills related to your co-op experience!
We want to hear from you! Please submit questions or suggestions to us at

Northeastern’s renowned approach to learning is characterized by the connections we maintain with the world beyond our campus. Through our unique co-op model, and experiential learning opportunities with nearly 3,100 partners around the world, Northeastern students have the opportunity to engage globally and develop the leadership skills essential for success.
The Presidential Global Scholars Program supports outstanding students who are seeking to participate in a global co-op program. By helping to offset expenses such as travel, meals, and housing, the Presidential Global Scholars Program enables students to take advantage of all that a Northeastern education has to offer.

Northeastern University (NU) is a globally engaged institution, which strives to build international and intercultural competence among NU’s community, and establish relationships and collaborations with people and institutions abroad. The university recognizes there is a level of risk involved in international activities and Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) established the International Safety Office (ISO) in July 2014 to identify some of these risks.

ISO is comprised of two full-time administrators, who specialize in pre-departure training, global event monitoring, and emergency response, while working to mitigate risks faced by NU students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad. The office also employs work-study and co-op students to assist its risk mitigation efforts and enhance the office’s GIS and communication technology.

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