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Featured Employer – Fareast Mercantile in Ghana


A member of the Chanrai Summit Group

“CSCL is a multi-faceted company distributing products that touch the lives of people everyday. Our focus will continue to be Africa with expansion into the global arena by forging relationships with world class multi-nationals & other partners in progress. Through the Tulsi Chanrai Foundation, CSCL is committed in its social responsibility objectives of providing aid in the area of health, eye care and water”.

The Chanrai Group operates the Fareast Mercantile company in Accra, Ghana. Currently a site for a Global Co-op Supply Chain.
As an organization, Fareast Mercantile Company Limited, thrives on thinking and planning long term. We believe in respecting the laws of the land and treating all concerned fairly. Our key strengths from a human resource perspective are good interpersonal skills, personnel who accept change and are easily adaptable. Our core principles are trust, integrity, teamwork and taking ownership. We have an environment that promotes belonging and we are each other’s keeper no matter the part of the world we originate from.


The economy of Ghana has a diverse and rich resource base, including the manufacturing and exportation of diverse and rich resources such as cocoa, gold and other industrial minerals.


All duties will be performed under the leadership of the key accounts manager
Develop good business relationship with top key accounts
Help develop an efficient supply chain model
Analysis of monthly purchases of our brands against competition
Participate in staff meetings and bring new ideas into the workplace
Participate in route to market journeys