NU VIEW: Virtual Integrated Experiential Workshop

twenty year olds in a group space working on laptopsNU VIEW is a Virtual Integrated  Workshop that allows first and  second year students the opportunity to build their skills and experience by working on a one-month project with an project sponsor.

Are you a student interested in exploring what you can do in a career beyond your major?

NU VIEW (Virtual Integrated Experiential Workshop) lets students build their resume and skills before even starting their co-op experience by working closely with a project sponsor on a real-world project for their company. When students complete this 4-week program, they receive a digital badge that allows them to showcase their knowledge of the course topic and market themselves for future opportunities. NU VIEW is a great way to familiarize yourself with Northeastern’s experiential learning approach, the foundation of our educational philosophy. NU VIEW is a free and non-credit course.

NU VIEW is fully virtual and the course runs for 4 weeks beginning on May 1.

There are three possible course topics to choose from: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Data Visualization, and Digital Marketing. Each course is partnered with a project sponsor who provides a project based on a real-world problem that their organization is working on. Students will complete four week-long modules where they research the topic, generate ideas and recommendations, and at the end of the four weeks present their findings to the project sponsor. Simultaneously, they receive professional development coaching from Northeastern’s Career Design staff.

The NUVIEW program has been recognized by NACE (the National Association of Colleges and Employers) as “leading the way in career competency initiatives.” 

The course runs for 4 weeks, requiring a 15-20 hour commitment.  Below is a breakdown of the course schedule:

  • Week 0: Orientation week. Meet with your track cohort, project team, and teaching assistant. Ask any questions you have and be ready to dive in Week 1.
  • Week 1: Review your sponsor’s project materials and create a project plan with team members.
  • Week 2: Collect data, conduct research and analysis, and identify metrics.
  • Week 3: Conduct cost/benefit analysis and develop recommendations.
  • Week 4: Prepare your group presentation and report summarizing your findings.
  • Week 5: Present to the project sponsor for feedback. 

Organizations interested in sponsoring a project for NU VIEW have a 5-10 hour time commitment spread out over 2-3 months.  Below is a breakdown of the timeline:

  • Prior to Workshop: Provide project scope, project materials, and introduction video.
  • Weeks 1-3: Leverage communications tool to interact with students online in real-time to address questions as they arise and provide feedback and mentorship as students complete your deliverable.
  • Week 5: Attend a live session with students where student groups will present their findings and recommendations. Able to attend weekly live sessions with students as desired. Requires minimum 5-hour time commitment spread over six weeks.

Registration Details


Any questions regarding NU VIEW can be directed to [email protected].


Project Sponsor Organizations:

Any questions regarding NU VIEW can be directed to [email protected].

What students have said about participating in NU VIEW:

“I learned more about myself and what I require within my own jobs. Going forward I will use that knowledge in finding better opportunities for myself in which I will be able to flourish. I also learned more about different shareholders and how even though some groups may not be directly influenced by an organization’s work, the byproducts of their work can influence others lives. I will keep that in mind as I go towards my future jobs and experiences in marketing and fundraising.” 

“I learned about what I value in career prospects, which will help me following my graduation from Northeastern, as well as in my co-op search. And the design thinking mindset also furthers that passion for trying everything out to discover what I love to do.” 

“Getting a better understanding of my work values is something that I will definitely keep in mind when I apply to my next co-op, internships, and jobs later in life.” 

Our Past Project Sponsor Organizations

Follow My Steps Foundation Inc

Follow My Steps is an organization created to provide youth in under-resourced communities with the opportunity to be mentored by individuals from diverse cultures, to provide key career skills and enhance financial literacy.

From the Marketing Director: “I was very impressed with the engagement of participants, the level of detail and effort that went into the presentations, and importantly … the actionable content for our organization to review. It was a pleasure to participate and meet such bright and innovative talent.”

The Haute House Design Studio

The Haute House Design Studio strives to create a more sustainable fashion industry in Boston through teaching the business of fashion and entrepreneurship.

From the founder: “I was absolutely blown away by the time, effort, and attention to detail put into [the] presentations. Thank you all so much for the research and recommendations and please keep in touch – I look forward to seeing what you accomplish when you enter the workforce.”