Your experience is extremely valuable to students, as they want to learn and hear from respected and experienced people who have been in their position. Parents are invaluable career influencers due to their knowledge, background, and expertise in their fields. Parents also have the unique experience of seeing their students general and career interests start or end, grow and change and be ultimately fulfilled.  


Ways YOU can be an influencer:    

If you find yourself having a career conversation with your student, be sure to know your own limits and expertise, and when it might be helpful to refer learners to Career Design. Familiarize yourself with our services and how to navigate our website so you can empower your student to reach out for information and help.  

If career education is interesting to you and you want to offer your expertise in a more intentional way, we encourage you to consider volunteering for one of Career Design’s many career education programs.  Also if you have full time jobs, internships or co-ops and you are interested in recruiting Northeastern students, let us know! 

Finally, if you would like to have more in-depth training on career design, consider participating in our Career Mentor program.

If interested, contact us and learn more about how you can be involved as a career influencer!