Professional Introductions

How to develop your professional introduction, commonly known as an elevator pitch.

What is a Professional Introduction?

Your 60-90 second introduction briefly describes your specific, relevant and unique
attributes that you can bring to a potential employer or in a networking setting so that your audience can learn enough about you.

An effective professional introduction:

  • Shows that you understand the importance of concisely and professionally communicating about yourself
  • Communicates your essential skills and competencies in a way that resonates with potential employers or connections
  • Differentiates yourself in a crowded market

If you are an international student, this is not the time to mention OPT or other employment visa options and questions. It’s first important to communicate the information below and have a conversation. When the company is interested in visa status they will ask. Be sure to attend the International Student Job Search Strategies to learn more.

Here is a sample conversation: (Please note- It’s important to customize your introduction for your own skills and the organization you are connecting with)

  • Student: Hello, my name is Jennifer Santos. I’m a first year student studying Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. I was really excited to get the chance to speak with you here at “Company X” because I know you have a great reputation for collaborating with emerging telecommunications companies in South American countries. Given my ability to speak Spanish fluently and my love for that part of the world, the type of work your company does is really intriguing to me.
  • Company X: Well, we’re very happy you stopped by to speak with us Jennifer. What were some of the things you wanted to know?
  • Student: Well, I was wondering what types of skills and abilities your company looks for in potential employees? I was also hoping you might know of any internship or co-op opportunities within your company as it would be an amazing experience to be a part of your team.
  • Company X: I’d be happy to answer those questions for you, Jennifer …