Trek to Building Transparency

Mar 27 • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for this virtual Husky Trek to meet Stacy Smedley, the founder and Executive Director of Building Transparency, a leading non-profit in the building industry that assesses the role of embodied carbon in climate change. Learn about her career in architecture, Skanska Construction, and how her vision to improve the environment has expanded to developing her own organization, advising the U.N., U.S. government, and businesses such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft. Additionally, take part in a simulation of the Embodied Carbon in Construction (EC3) tool and learn how it can impact design and construction.

Stacy and Phil Northcott created the Embodied Carbon in Construction calculator (EC3) and further developed it with 50 industry partners. The EC3 is a free and easy to use tool that allows benchmarking, assessment and reductions in embodied carbon, focused on the upfront supply chain emissions of construction materials.
In order to participate in the simulation please register for free for the EC3 tool, at is a Washington State 501© nonprofit dedicated to sustainability in construction.


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