On the Road and International Delegations

UPSaclay at NU

We were pleased to welcome the delegation from UP Saclay on campus in February.

The team was led by Guillaume Garreta, Director of International Development and Said Zouhdi, Head of International Affairs, Polytech Paris-Sud.  It was an opportunity to celebrate the signing of an MOU between our two institutions and the many joint endeavors.

The University of Paris-Saclay is a cluster of universities and research centers in the area of Paris, France.

Université Paris-Saclay brings together, in a unique model a combination, independent research, educational institutions, and research organizations, who have their own identity and resources, agree to coordinate their actions and pool specific resources as part of a shared project defined and implemented jointly.  Currently, there are research co-ops offered at one of the founding members, Paris-Sud. Additionally, UPSaclay is also a collaborating partner of the NUconvergence conferences.  Last year a delegation visited Northeastern for the 2018 Frontiers in Aerospace conference, and this year UT will co-host the next one in Paris.

UP Saclay

A visit to the University of Paris Saclay new space in Saint-Aubin.  The Northeastern delegation had the opportunity to visit the labs, classroom space, and the new administrative buildings.  The excellent tour was organized by Sergei Shikalov, International Projects Officer


In December we welcomed on campus Prof.  Bertrand Monthubert, Chair of the Board of Directors of Campus France.   Prof. Monthubert was informed about our partnerships with French institutions, joint endeavors in designing co-op and study abroad programs, conferences, and other exchanges between the two countries.  The visit was coordinated by Michael Vallee, Higher Education Officer at the French Consulate in Boston.

Campus France USA is a service provided by the Embassy of France to promote the French higher education students to students and education stakeholders in the United States.  Every year, Campus France USA helps more than 10,000 students who wish to study in France, serving as a bridge between the US and French Universities.


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