Career Fair Myths

Career Fair Myths Debunked

Myth#1: Learn how and why you should participate in our career fairs.

Companies across many industries hire students who do not have business or technical degrees. Prior to our Career Fairs review the list of registered companies and the majors they are recruiting for.

Myth #2: I’ve got plenty of time to look for a job.

Not necessarily! Students are finding that looking for a full-time job takes up to 4 to 6 months.  So why are you waiting?  Start your job search now and start connecting with employers. This is a valuable way to ask for informational interviews which may lead to meeting more people and could help you to receive a job offer.

Myth #3: The recruiter couldn’t take my resume. What a waste of time!

Federal regulations may prevent some employers from accepting students’ resumes at Career Fairs. If a recruiter is unable to accept your resume, give them your business card (yes, it is recommended to have custom business cards printed with your contact information)! Also, this is still a great opportunity to speak with employers about your career path and goals.

Myth #4: Who attends to Career Fairs these days?

Career Fairs are meant for everyone! Whether it is your first year, last or somewhere in between, employers are interested in meeting you.

Myth #5: I don’t have time to prepare and don’t even know what I would say to an employer!

Let Employer Engagement and Career Design help you!
Attend the Career Fair Success Tips workshops to hear from employers about what you can do to make the most of the event. Visit the Career Studio, check here for hours, to have your resume critiqued and develop your professional introduction.

Sample Conversation

Student: Hello, my name is Jennifer Santos. I’m a freshman studying Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. I was really excited to get the chance to speak with you here at “Company X” because I know you have a great reputation for collaborating with emerging telecommunications companies in South American countries. Given my ability to speak Spanish fluently and my love for that part of the world, the type of work your company does is really intriguing to me.

Company X: Well, we’re very happy you stopped by to speak with us Jennifer. What were some of the things you wanted to know?

Student: Well, I was wondering what types of skills and abilities your company looks for in potential employees? I was also hoping you might know of any internship or co-op opportunities within your company as it would be an amazing experience to be a part of your team.

Company X: I’d be happy to answer those questions for you, Jennifer …