Benefits of the Experiential Network

Partnering with sponsoring businesses and organizations, XN facilitates opportunities for students to work on short-term, real-world projects to complement their academic work.

Projects are carried out virtually over a flexible six-week period as an academic exercise in their field of study, and students and sponsors work closely in an authentic professional environment during which students produce deliverables for their sponsors that may help inform critical business decisions while helping learners gain confidence and apply classroom learning to solve real world problems.

Participation in XN projects allows students to apply classroom theory to practice and grow their professional networks while contributing to a real-world organization’s ability to move forward on project-based work. XN allows our partners to engage with rising professionals on exciting and important project work all virtually at no cost to get things done and collaborate with the next generation of professionals.

  • Gain access to high-potential rising professionals in many different fields
  • Deepen familiarity with talent pipeline through direct interaction with rising professionals
  • Support your college recruiting and brand building efforts through exposure to hundreds of top students
  • Provide new and rising managers with opportunities to mentor developing, high potential students
  • Experiment working with different sponsors on various types of academic projects with real-world applicability
  • Develop skills to cite on your resumĂ© and strengthen your job prospects
  • Connect with top companies and build your network
  • Receive feedback from sponsors on your performance to better understand and enhance your professional development