College of Professional Studies

Accountants work with people. They are analysts, planners and problem solvers.
African American Studies
The Department of African American Studies mentors intellectual leaders, develops emerging scholars, and trains global citizens.
The School of Architecture at Northeastern is focused on leadership in a changing world.
Biology provides a basic understanding for the organization and processes of life in a wide variety of areas, including ecosystems and evolution
Career Ambassadors
Career Design is looking for students interested in serving in a leadership role as a Career Fellow.
CareerX is an online career resource center filled with easy-to-use materials designed to help you succeed and compete professionally.
Choosing or Changing a Major
Choosing or changing a major is a big step and can easily feel overwhelming. If you are struggling with this decision, you are not alone.
Based on nearly 40 years of research by the Gallup Organization, the Clifton Strengths® Assessment offers a rich and detailed understanding of one’s strengths.
Communication Studies
Communication is a diverse discipline and each department is unique
Consulting opportunities are available in every industry
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice prepares students for professional and research careers in criminal justice
Economics is the study of how societies produce and exchange goods and services to satisfy material needs
Education: Higher Education Professionals
The School of Education offers a wide range of programs for higher education administrators, and adult learning professionals.
Education: K-12, Higher Education Administration
The School of Education offers a wide range of programs for K-12 teachers and administrators.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical engineers design electrical and electronic equipment. Computer engineers are involved with digital technologies.
Entrepreneurship/Start-up requires someone willing to conceive, organize, implement, and/or manage a new enterprise to meet certain goals.
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary study that focus on how humans interact with the earth and the environment.
Explore Careers
Resources for exploring, connecting and experiencing career options.
We are committed to helping students learn about nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships that are available.
Finance involves the management and investment of money and other assets for businesses, individuals, and governments.